Colour of India

Colour of India

Monday, March 14, 2011


 Without courage there can be no truth and without truth there is no other virtue” – Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

I am now writing the last part of my review of this revolutionary, incendiary and explosive book. Not only the persecuted Hindus of India but all the genuine scholars interested in the disinterested pursuit of Truth at any cost, in spite of Sonia UPA II Government let loose anti-Hindu terror, are duty-bound to offer their salutations to these two courageous scholars.

Front cover of the book

I have already referred to some of the baseless objections concocted by the so-called ‘Eminent Historians’ belonging to the Maulana Jawaharlal Nehru University anti-Hindu squad (and working whole-time for the creation of Marxist Thugee Raj in India) against the NCERT textbooks which were brought out in 2002. For these mean and treasonable men  and women Soviet Russia / China is their only Fatherland. They would be most willing to extend the same first-class fatherhood status to Pakistan and Bangladesh, apart from Saudi Arabia. That is why they were virulent in their baseless criticism that Professor Makhan Lal was absolutely wrong when he stated very correctly in his textbook that the concept of Zero was born in India in the Vedic period.
If only Professor Makhan Lal had taken due political care to mention that the concept of Zero was born in Arabia and from there it spread to the West along with the march of Islamic warriors there, then these ‘Eminent Historians’ would have hailed Professor Makhan Lal as a scientific and painstaking historian of great “secular” standing and wisdom!!


Professor Makkhan Lal             Professor Rajendra Dixit
Professor Makhan Lal had published the photograph of a terracotta female figurine with vermillion in her hair parting in one of the NCERT textbooks. It is hilariously funny to note that the publication of this picture took the breath out of the Marxist historians and the ‘Modern’ Sonia Congress “Secularists” and socialites.

Let us hear the exact words of Professor Makhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit in this context: “The use of vermillion in the hair-parting by married women is a practice only in the Hindu society and no other society in the world. When it got published for the first time in history textbooks in India, the Marxists saw the Earth slipping away from their feet. They cried hoarse.” Unfortunately for the wretched ‘Eminent Historians’, the situation was really hopeless. Unfortunately for them, the terracotta figurines were neither found in India nor found by any Indian. Hence the ‘Eminent Historians’ had to forego the delightful opportunity of alleging that these figurines were “planted” by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad archaeologists, nor could they brand these archaeologists as “brazen sympathizers of Hindutva. The brutal fact of the matter is that these figurines were recovered from the archaeological sites of Mehar Garh and Nausharo in Pakistan in the time-context of 2800 BC—- and that too by a team consisting of French and Pakistani archaeologists. These terracotta figurines were published widely in archaeological books on the Harappan civilization. Moreover they were also included in the popular series of TIME-LIFE BOOKS. Only the shameless ideological political scoundrels — I am no doubt referring to the ‘Eminent Historians’ of Maulana Jawaharlal School— who have the brash brazeness to declare that no such thing exists!!! They are able to do it with ant-Hindu gusto and aplomb only because they have the full political backing of the evangelical and anti-Hindu Sonia Government of India and all its known toadies — both open and subterranean!

Professor Makhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit
are right when they state: Academic dishonesty and brazenness in the context of the false statements have reached the meanest level. In order to provide legitimacy to the campaign, even some senior historians who had recently fallen out with the Leftist camp joined the issue, making observations on our book in question.

We can see from Chapter V of the book under review that on 18-10-2002, The Hindustan Times had published an article by Ms Lahiri under the title ‘The Twisted Tale: Indian Children Have Done Nothing To Deserve Such A Raw Deal’. I fully endorse the view of Professor Makhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit THAT THERE WAS VIRTUALLY NOTHING IN THIS ARTICLE IN TERMS OF ACADEMIC CONTENT. Yet I cannot help observing that it had great propaganda value and that is the only thing the Eminent Historians, the Communists of all hues and Sonia Congressmen-nay conmen- of all denominations wanted!
Ms Lahiri
betrayed her Himalayan ignorance of Indian History when she wrote: “In any case there is nothing called a ‘Vedic Culture’ or a ‘Vedic Civilization’ in Indian history”. After offering such superficial and stupid comments, Ms Lahiri concluded like a pedestrian hypocritical Indian politician: The children of India have done nothing to deserve such a deal … the NCERT should only frame a syllabus and throw open the issue of textbooks to the publishing world at large. This will ensure that the best books will have the widest circulation. This will also save impressionable students from twisted tales written by people of uncertain calibre and dubious intent.
Professor Makhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit
have invited national attention to the fact that theEminent Historians’, the Marxists and the Sonia Congressmen after making so much of raucous hue and cry over the media ever in their bonded labour, then chose the platform of the Indian History Congress (IHC) for continuing their baseless attacks against the new NCERT textbooks brought out in September / October 2002 under the NCFSE 2000 framework which was approved by the Supreme Court in toto in September 2002. At the annual session of the IHC in December 2002, they passed a Resolution to get the new NCERT textbooks reviewed by theirEminent Historians’. Consequently, India and the World (Ancient Period) – the Class VI Social Science textbook – and Medieval India (the history textbook for Class XI) were reviewed by Professor Ifran Habib, retired Professor from Aligarh Muslim University. Likewise Ancient India (the history textbook for Class XI) was reviewed by Prof Suvira Jaiswal and the Social Science textbook for Class IX was reviewed by Prof Aditya Mukherjee. Prof Suvira Jaiswal and Prof Aditya Mukherjee were from the Marxist Maulana Jawaharlal Nehru University!

The observations and comments of these three historians were published as a book by the Indian History Congress (IHC) under the title ‘History in the new NCERT Textbooks – A Report And An Index of Errors’. I fully endorse the view of Professor Makhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit that this book ofIndex of Errors’, brought out by IHC is nothing but a bundle of lies, misrepresentation of facts and statements in the textbooks and an exhibition of their own motivated or genuine ignorance even about some of the basic facts and events in Indian history. What is shocking to note is that this infantile book was issued only after the President and the Executive Committee of the IHC hadread and approvedthe draft submitted by the treacherous anti-Hindu triumvirate of Marxist toadies like Ifran Habib, Jaiswal and Mukherjee.

The replies to all the points / criticisms made by these so-called ‘Eminent Historians’ were systemically and accurately given by Professor Makkhan Lal in his rejoinder book titled ‘The NCERT Social Science Books: False Propaganda, Political Agenda and the ‘Eminent Historians’’. What is most amusing to note is that replies for most of the points – the so-called Errors - raised by this treacherous triumvirate were given by Prof Makkhan Lal by just quoting from the earlier textbooks of Prof R. S. Sharma and Prof Romila Thapar on Ancient India published by NCERT. Prof Romila Thapar’s book had been prescribed for Class VI for almost 40 years and that of Prof R.S Sharma for about 25 years.

What does it all mean? When more than 80 % clarifications to the allegations made in the Index of Errors came from the writings of Professors R.S Sharma and Romila Thapar, does it not imply that their books were also equally bad, chauvinistic, communal and finished products of voluntary or involuntary ignorance, apart from unquenchable anti-Hindu fervour? If Professor Makhan Lal’s NCERT textbook had to be subjected to the surgical treatment of Index of Errors of ‘Eminent Historians’ in the larger public interest, then why were not the NCERT textbooks of Professors R.S Sharma and Romila Thapar subjected to the same treatment by the ‘Eminent Historians’ of IHC? The only answer to this most legitimate question can be given only in the words of George Orwell, the great English novelist, who was an Enemy Number One of Stalinistic dictatorial totalitarianism. George Orwell said: “While all of us are equal, some are more equal than others!” For these ‘Eminent Historians’, Professors R.S Sharma and Romila Thapar --- their Marxist comrades-in-arms in the same profession --- are more equal than Professor Makhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit!
The Index of Errors prepared by Prof Ifran Habib, Prof Suvira Jaiswal and Prof Aditya Mukherjee in December 2002 had only one objective in view and that was POLITICAL. They wanted to rundown the new NCERT textbook prepared strictly in accordance with the National Curriculum For Elementary and Secondary Education: A Framework 2000’ (NCFSE 2000) which had been upheld completely by the Supreme Court of India in September 2002. And therefore they colluded together and acted in a shameless manner as hired hangmen of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) which is a known den of anti-Hindu, anti-national and traitorous Marxists for the last 30 years. 

It is not therefore surprising to note that this triumvirate came out with this slanderous statement in their Index of Errors: ‘The departures from facts are so considerable that one sometimes begins to feel whether a pupil reading these books will really learn much history at all … often the errors are apparently a mere product of ignorance, but as often they stem from an anxiety to present history with a VERY STRONG CHAUVINISTIC AND COMMUNAL BIAS. … With such parochialism and prejudices as the driving force behind these textbooks, it is clear that these cannot be converted into acceptable textbooks by a mere removal of the linguistic and factual errors pointed out in our Index of Errors. 

Professor Makkhan Lal has given a very detailed rejoinder to the baseless allegations (founded upon the superstructure of their anti-Hindu Marxist ideological blinkers and their Himalayan ignorance of internationally accepted basic facts of ancient Indian history!!) raised by Prof Ifran Habib, Prof Suvira Jaiswal and Prof Aditya Mukherjee in their Index of Errors, point by point, quotation after quotation and page after page. I have very carefully gone through the rejoinder vis-à-vis the points raised in the Index of Errors and I can say that the spirited replies given by Professor Makkhan Lal can stand the strictest judicial scrutiny in any court of law.
For want of space it will not be possible for me to present all the points made by Professor Makkhan Lal in his rejoinder. I shall however deal with two or three points raised by that wholly-committed known anti-Hindu Marxist historian Prof Ifran Habib. He is in the line of Genghis Khan, Timur and Aurangazeb. That is why he is very dear to all the Communist Parties and more so to the Sonia Congress Party.
 Example I Quotation from Professor Makkhan Lal’s book (Page 59): ‘The Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest ones. It developed around 7500 years ago and lasted about 5000 years.
Prof Ifran Habib’s comment: ‘The Egyptian civilization developed no earlier than 3200 BC. Makkhan Lal’s date is wrong ….  
Professor Makkhan Lal’s Reply: ‘Prof Habib’s understanding of the development and evolution of civilizations is so poor that one finds it difficult to have a dialogue with him. In reply to his contention that ‘Egyptian civilization developed no earlier than 3200 BC’, I quote here from ‘EGYPT : LAND OF THE PHARAOHS’ : “The roots of Egyptian civilization trail back to around 9000 BC … By 5000 BC (7000 years back) agriculture had developed and the people had settled into villages. Two distinct political regions gradually emerged: Lower Egypt, in the Delta and the Upper Egypt, along the river’s green corridor. Around 3000 BC or perhaps even earlier, Upper Egypt conquered its northern neighbour, unifying the nation and giving rise to the First Dynasty.’ 
What gives this special privilege and unique academic right to Prof Ifran Habib to talk arrant nonsense with an air of scholarly authority? Perhaps, this is an inalienable part of his special ‘Minority Rights’ (More Particularly Islamic Intellectual Terrorist Rights!) wholly and specially recognised by the Congress Government of India!!! 
Example II Quotation from Professor Makkhan Lal’s book: ‘The Harappan people also worshipped Siva in the form of linga which is done also today’.
Prof Ifran Habib’s comment:There is no proof that the stone cones found are not pestles but phallus stones: and no proof that they were connected with Siva worship’. No non-Muslim scholar will be given any freedom by Islamic marauders like Prof. Ifran Habib to comment on Allah! But he reserves all his right to talk with authority on a Hindu God like Lord Shiva!
Professor Makkhan Lal’s Reply:The photograph published in both Class VI and Class XI textbooks is not something that looks like cones or pestles. It is clearly a SIVALINGA and YONI of terracotta in a single piece found from Kalibangan. Such realistic objects can be called cones or pestles only by someone like Prof Habib.’ 
I am presenting below three photographs of such objects published in the NCERT textbooks so that the readers can judge for themselves what these are. 

Example III:  Quotation from Professor Makkhan Lal’s book (Page 89): ‘There were rules which governed the debate and behaviour of members in Sabha and Samithi like in our Parliament.

Prof Ifran Habib
’s comment:We’ll be next told that a Speaker was also provided for! We just do not know what rules, if any, were made (by whom?) for proceedings of the Sabha and Samithi. Dice was also played there which is not done as yet in ‘our Parliament’. 

Professor Makkhan Lal
’s Reply:The contempt in which ancient India’s history is held by Professor Habib is unbelievable. He is unable to conceal it even under the garb of academics. … For Habib’s information I may tell him that the Rules and Regulations are very clearly mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts. VAJSANEYI SAMHITA mentions that ‘erring members were rebuked. Prof Habib needs to know that there existed scholars like A.S Altekar, Beni Prasad, K.P Jaiswal and many others who have written extensively on this subject.’ Prof Ifran Habib would be proud to declare from the house-top that he is fully conversant with the names of all the national and trans national concubines of Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jahan and other licentious and profligate Mughal Emperors!

I would like to humbly invite the kind attention of Prof Habib to a book authored by R.C Tripathy, former Secretary General of Rajya Sabha, titled ‘Emergence of Second Chamber in India’ published for and on behalf of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat in 2002:

There are direct or indirect references to the various procedures followed by the deliberative bodies in ancient India, some of which were quite akin to the procedures observed by modern legislatures. 

Prof Ifran Habib displays the typical Islamic contempt for pre-Islamic cultures. And of course he would dismiss scholars like A.S Altekar, Beni Prasad, K.P Jaiswal and R.C Tripathy as contemptible ignorant Kaffirs to be converted to Islam or enslaved in strict accordance with the injunctions of the Koran! No doubt, if India becomes an Islamic State, Prof Ifran Habib would go out of his way to use his Islamic political clout to see that a worse fate awaits Kaffirs like Professor Makkhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit who can dare to praise their ancient Hindu culture!

The Index of Errors prepared by the ‘Eminent Historians’ was published in September 2003. Within a month, the authors of the NCERT textbooks came out with a point-wise rebuttal to their objections in an NCERT publication titledHistory in New NCERT Textbooks: Fallacies In The IHC Report’. The publication of the point-wise reply not only silenced them but also stunned them. The devastating impact of the authors reply to the Index of Errors Report given by IHC can be assessed from the fact that in December 2003, during the annual session of the IHC held at Mysore, the ‘Eminent Historianscould not gather courage to bring any resolution — like the earlier one in the Amritsar Session of the IHCfor the total review of the rest of the textbooks published by the NCERT, for Classes VII, VIII, X and XII. During the Mysore Session of the IHC, more than 600 copies of theHistory in New NCERT Textbooks: Fallacies In the IHC Reportwere sold, besides all the textbooks from Class VI to Class XII, making a record sale. 

The threeEminent Historians’ — Prof Ifran Habib, Prof Suvira Jaiswal and Prof Aditya Mukherjee — have maintained an air of calculated silence during the last seven years!!! I have it on authority that they have not answered the rapier-like replies given by Professor Makkhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit to the pseudo-secular anti-Hindu and anti-National arguments raised by this treacherous triumvirate against the new NCERT textbooks.

Nor have they academically responded to any of the issues raised by Professor Makkhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit in this book under review. They seem to be united in their commitment to the pragmatic wisdom contained in the following comic verse: 

He who in battle runs away,
May live to fight another day.
He who is in battle slain,
Can never rise to fight again!!!

Seeing this spiteful manner in which these three Islam-embracing Hindu-hating Marxist historians have conspired to demean and denigrate the NCERT textbooks brought out during the NDA regime in 2002-2003, I cannot help paying a special political tribute to them in the words of Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon: ‘Horrible villains; soul-less villains; senseless villains; dissembling villains; hungry villains; remorseless villains; treacherous villains; abhorred villains; unnatural villains; eternal villains; detestable villains; barbarous villains; beastly villains; branded villains; villains fit to lie unburied!!!’ Such villains were very dear to the former Union Human Resource Destruction (HRD) Minister Arjun Singh. They are of course very dear to the anti-Hindu heart of heartless Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi and her minions, including her Prime Minion Dr. Manmohan Singh!

These Shakespearean villains were given a new lease of life by a greater political pan-Islamic and anti-Hindu Congress villain called Arjun Singh who became the Human Resource Development Minister in May 2004.

I have already mentioned that a MARXIST PARTY POLITICAL DOCUMENT was prepared by the ‘Eminent Historians’ on behalf of the Indian History Congress (IHC) which was published in September 2003. Within a month, the authors of the NCERT textbooks came out with a point-wise rebuttal to their objections in an NCERT publication titled ‘History in New NCERT Textbooks: Fallacies in the IHC Report’.

Whatever had been projected as ‘errors’ and ‘communal statements’ by the openly Islamic and patently anti-Hindu ‘Eminent Historians’ turned out to be irrefutable evidence of their ignorance and anti-Hindu prejudice, as there had not been any departure from the facts in the new history textbooks of the NCERT. The publication of the point-wise reply by Professor Makkhan Lal and others not only pre-eminently silenced them but also paralyzed them, in the sense that they even started avoiding news reporters. They also flatly refused to join in any open debate with the authors of the textbooks. In short the so-called ‘Eminent Historians’ in the respectable garb of academics were put out of all Marxist political action IN December 2003. This position continued only till May 2004.

Even before Parliamentary elections were held in April-May 2004, the Marxist Party and the Congress Party which were together in the UPA coalition at that time, had categorically included the Communist demand for the withdrawal of the new NCERT textbooks brought out during the NDA regime and had taken care to include this in the ‘Common Minimum Programme’ of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government. One of the items in the ‘Common Minimum Programme’ wasSteps will be taken to remove the communalized school syllabi that has taken place for the past five years. A committee will be setup for this purpose’.
When the UPA Government was formed in New Delhi in May 2004, the first knock-down priority was not the infiltration of Pakistan government guided terrorists into India or the pressing and vexatious problems of the Indian economy but the problem of ‘desaffronisation’ or ‘decommunalisation’ of NCERT school textbooks!! How the Congress / CPI(M) dastardly game of ‘desaffronisation’ was played by Arjun Singh within 10 minutes of his assumption of charge as Union HRD Minister has been graphically brought out by Professor Makkhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit in Chapter VI titled ‘The NCERT History Textbooks Review Committee, The Dotted Lines and the Colour Blindness’. We can see from this chapter that unabashed shamelessness on stilts is the essential minimum condition — though by no means sufficient condition — for becoming a Union Cabinet Minister in Sonia Congress Government!! 
Arjun Singh was appointed as the Union Minister for Human Resource Development in May 2004. The Communists who were supporting the UPA coalition were in such a hurry to replace the new NCERT textbooks brought out by the earlier NDA regime that they put Arjun Singh under their minute-to-minute political pressure of the meanest kind every moment of the day. Their only aim was to restore the earlier and outdated NCERT textbooks of Prof. Romila Thapar and Prof R.S Sharma. Consequently Arjun Singh figured in the news every day concerning NCERT and the replacement of history textbooks. Great ‘global leaders’ like Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechury wanted the new Textbooks of NCERT to be removed immediately and the old books brought back. Not only this, they also wanted Prof J.S Rajput, former Director of NCERT and a great educationist of international standing, to be virtually hanged.

All the treacherous Marxist marauders in general and the no less rapacious ‘Eminent Historians’ in particular again resumed their malicious political campaign in May 2004. In order to appease the CPI(M), a 3-Member Committee was appointed to go through the new NCERT textbooks and suggest the necessary remedial course of action. The Committee comprised of 2 ex-Presidents and the then President of the Indian History Congress — all known and die-hard communists. The 3 members of the Committee included one each for ancient, medieval and modern history. The 3 members were Prof Barun De, Prof  J.S Grewal and Prof S. Settar. All of them were communists and fully backed by the CPI(M). These 3 Professors gave their report in a tearing hurry in a matter of 72 hours in the manner and measure dictated by the CPI(M). Here I would like to quote the hilarious words of Professor Makkhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit: “The Common Minimum Programme, the shrill voices in the newspapers on a daily basis and the wordings of the notifications appointing the 3 Professors as Members of the Committee was enough. Whatever little fig could have been retained was thrown away with the choice of the 3 members. 

The notification appointing the 3 as Members of the NCERT Textbook Review Committee was issued on 12-6-2004
. The notification appointing this Committee said:

The Committee of 3 met for the first time on the afternoon of 22-6-2004, and in the forenoon of 24-6-2004, and gave its first set of recommendations which perhaps emanated from the CPI(M)  Party office in New Delhi:


The 3 lackey Textbook Review Committee further observed: 


On July 5, 2004, the 3 lackey Textbook Review Committee came out with their List of Errors / Mistakes / Comments very much like the earlier 3 Member Committee of the Indian Historical Congress (IHC) in 2002 which had come out with an ‘Index of Errors’. The 3 lackeys were not interested in making any constructive suggestions. They were more interested in denigrating the new textbooks and the NCERT as part of their Communist / Sonia Congress political agenda of the UPA Coalition. Professor Makkhan Lal and Professor Rajendra Dixit have torn the Report of the 3 lackey Textbook Review Committee into shreds and pieces. I fully endorse the findings and comments of these two fearless professors.

It is a matter of national shame that the UPA Government with an academician Prime Minister like Dr Manmohan Singh more or less fully accepted the politically motivated and sham recommendations of the above Committee and announced its decision on 30 July, 2004, through newspaper advertisements. This was nothing but party politics at the lowest political brothel level. Some of the relevant points in the ‘political’ advertisement were as follows:

1. The present textbooks are biased, badly written and full of inaccuracies. 

2. From the academic session 2005-2006, the earlier books of history would be restored with appropriate modifications. 

What comes out of this cheap and sordid story is that the process of preparation, finalisation and approval of all NCERT school textbooks is in the hands of crude, vulgar, petty, selfish, corrupt and self-seeking party politicians who treat all Professors as their tenants-at-will!!! Firangi memsahib Sonia Gandhi is the Commander-in-Chief of this anti-Hindu----nay anti-National---- Army. I would even go to the extent of saying that all our unscrupulous politicians are interested in using all the academicians and Professors from our listless universities as disposable condoms to be selectively used and discarded at will! The poignant tragedy of our academicians is that our politicians take special pleasure in carefully avoiding the use of these condoms when they indulge in the act of calculated anti-national political orgasm with boundless enthusiasm! In this treacherous world of wicked anti-Hindu politics based on minority appeasement, even the disposable condoms referred to above are deliberately denied self-actualization in the name of promotion of false secularism!

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